Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Last Time (2006)

Dah lama tak tengok Brendan Fraser dan Michael Keaton berlakon. Dapat jumpa DVD depa berdua berlakon kira nasib baik ah. Cuma ada kekurangan besar. Cerita kurang menyengat hahahaha... Malas aku nak review.

Ted Ryker is the top salesman in the New York office of a business machine company; the corporate stock lives by quarterly sales numbers, the competition is keen, and the economy may be in a downturn. Ted's company is marking time until a new product is ready - probably in a few months. Into the mix comes a new hire, a callow Midwesterner named Jamie, who's come East with his fiancée Belisa. Ted's a cynic - with a failed love in his past; he's profane, he's a lousy team player. He watches Jamie flounder, failing with presentation after presentation. Then, Ted finds a mutual attraction to Belisa. Where can this end?

SKOR: 5/10

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