Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Green Street Hooligans (2005)

For once, watching an elijah wood movie that made me forget he was frodo. the movie is about a group of hardcore west ham united football fans that go beyond what normal fans would do, kinda reminds me of our high school football team rivalries, almost exactly the same instances, cheering, teasing, jeering, escalading to arguing, scuffling and an invitation to a group fight to settle it once and for all. by then the real result of the football game was irrelevant. however in this movie things go a little beyond that where different 'firms' try to out do each other in terms of putting down their rival teams. on the surface, some would think this movie is to glorify violence and mob mentality, but in essence it is about pride, envy, revenge and the importance of family. even though elijah woods is in the starring role, but really the story is about the green street elite, their history and their rivals. gives you insight to what goes on among english football fans beyond the stadium. 

SKOR: 7/10
Rosen Irwan

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