Monday, September 26, 2016

My Love Story!! (2015)

Pengarah: Hayato Kawai
Pelakon: Ryohei Suzuki, Mei Nagano, Kentarō Sakaguchi, Yasufumi Terawaki, Sawa Suzuki
Tarikh tayang: 25 Februari 2016
Pengedar: GSC MOVIES


Ore Monogatari / My Love Story!! is a romantic comedy movie translated directly from a popular manga with few changes here and there. I like the changes they made for the movie tho. Simple yet fun movie with comical elements (of course la, from comic book) that is safe to say, not over the top. Satisfying ending. Likeable characters especially Takeo Kun. Cute soundtrack, as cute as cheese cakes that Rinko made for Takeo. The movie is full of teenage love vibe. Its successfully made me want to fall in love over and over again. Other than that this movie offered nothing new especially if you are familiar with Japanese drama formula and manga. This is a normal love story, normal strong friendship movie and normal Japanese school kid movie that always have a big strong male gorilla type character (a real otoko/man) , a charming boy character like Disney prince and a cute girl anime type. Sukii daaaa.

SKOR: 7.5/10

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