Sunday, May 10, 2009

Outsourced (2006)

Gua memang suka tengok cerita pertembungan antara budaya. Sebabnya ialah benda-benda yang commong pada satu budaya tu jadi pelik pada budaya yang lain. Dengan eksploitasi pertembungan budaya tersebut maka terbitlah komedi dan one-liner yang original. Samalah macam cerita ni. Namun endingnya macam tak berapa siap.

When the call center he manages in Seattle is outsourced to India, Todd travels there to train his replacement. Housed in a new building that looks like an above-ground bunker, the call center is staffed by willing novices whom Todd trains to sound American. One star on the staff is Asha, who teaches Todd that he should learn about India, and proceeds to do just that. Written by Ron Kerrigan {}

SKOR: 7/10

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